when: January 31 - February 2
where: Washington Hilton Hotel
  web: https://ShmooCon.org
tweet: @ShmooCon

ShmooCon Overview

ShmooCon (@ShmooCon) is a small, low-key hacker conference in Washington D.C. with a near-cult following and a sense of humor. Its logo is a moose. In addition to the hackers who hang out here, a fair number of members of the military, intelligence, national law enforcement, and cyber policy community attend each year.

ShmooCon tickets are notoriously hard to come by, as they sell less than 15 seconds every year. Prospective attendees hit “F5” to refresh the page so much, it’s practically a sport. Yet dozens to hundreds of people without tickets show up for Lobbycon, to eat, drink, and catch up with one another.

In the Build It, Belay It, and Bring it On tracks, talk topics are diverse and are as likely to be cutting edge technical discussions as to how to prepare final affairs in a digital society. One Track Mind talks on Friday tend to be of more universal interest are are presented as a plenary session. For evening amusement, Firetalks are short, funny, and informative talks, in the style of American Idol with participants rated on their performance and a winner declared.

ShmooCon is unique among hacker conferences, in that it publishes Proceedings, a set of long-form writeups on the sessions.